Accurate Armory LE Carbine 1000rnd Review

by Real World Tactical on March 1, 2011

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Matt Sprague firing the Accurate Armory LE Carbine.

Accurate Armory LE Carbine 1000rd Review

Over the last few months I have made several trips to the range to test this weapon, and although I am not through, I am very pleased with the way this weapon has performed thus far. At this time I have fired just over 1000 rounds through this carbine. I would like to take a few moments to break down some of the tests I’ve run at this point. For this first 1000 rounds, I have focused primarily on the reliability of this weapon system.

Accurate Armory LE Carbine 5

Ammunition Used in Testing:

500rds of Federal 55gr (Brass)
210rds of Wolf 55gr (Steel)
210rds of Barnaul 55gr (Steel)
150rds of Tula 55gr (Steel)

Shooting Conditions:

The temperatures during testing ranged from 12-68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the weather ranged from rain and snow to bright sunshine.

Rates of Fire:

I prefer to test my AR under many different rates of fire, these include: Sustained, Controlled pairs, and Rapid.

These rates of fire were used for both a single magazine and over multiple magazine changes. The most important for me is the rapid rate of fire test using 210rds. This is 7 mags fired as quickly as I could pull the trigger and perform the mag changes. I would estimate I fired all 7 mags within roughly 3 minutes, and this, to me, replicates the worst possible combat situation where you would be forced to expend a full combat load of ammo. During every one of these trials, the Accurate Armory M4 preformed flawlessly with no malfunctions of any kind.

Types of Shooting and Drills While Testing:

During the testing of the weapon, I have performed a variety of drills. These drills include: BUIS 25m Zero, RDS Optic 25m Zero, Reflexive Fire, Shoot and Move, and Close Range Marksmanship.



Weapon Summary:

In short, this weapon has been nothing less than outstanding. It has performed up to every standard I have in a weapon. This rifle has been accurate, reliable and durable. I look forward to seeing what the weapon truly has to offer in the accuracy department as I move into that phase of testing. However, since Accurate Armory is running a Daniel Defense CHF chrome lined barrel I have no doubt that the accuracy will easily match this weapon’s reliability.


Accurate Armory LE Carbine 1

Accurate Armory LE Carbine

Accurate Armory LE Carbine 2

Accurate Armory LE Carbine

Accurate Armory LE Carbine 4

Tactical Intent Kwikguard Handguard Covers

Accurate Armory LE Carbine 3

F-Marked Pinned Front Sight Base and Elzetta ZFL-M60

Thank you to our sponsors (Tactical Intent, Accurate Armory, Elzetta Tactical Lights) who make these tests and reports possible, and to Sean Dobbins for the excellent photography.

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